Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester County Foster Families:


  • STEP ONE: Register. Become a part of the Community Foster Response Network.

  • STEP TWO: When you receive a call and accept a new placement, contact the Coordinator with preliminary information (age and gender of child, when the child may arrive). A volunteer will be assigned to your family and prepare to deliver practical support to your doorstep.

  • STEP THREE: Once the child arrives, fill out a quick form with specifics about items most needed (clothing size, formula brand, immediate needs of the child, etc.).

  • STEP FOUR: Focus on welcoming the new child into your home! Within 2-24 hours, a trained volunteer will deliver practical support to your doorstep! FosterCare Packages include: a meal for your family; information about resources and support; the contact information of a caring foster parent who is available to answer your questions; and a bag of age and gender appropriate clothing, hygiene items, supplies, and comfort items for your foster child.

**More information and specific directions will be e-mailed after registration.

Become a Part of the Community Foster Response Network:

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Would you be interested in being connected to a "mentor" foster parent who could help answer your questions?
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Our delivery times are usually between 4:30-8:30. Does this time slot work for you?
To complete your registration, you must e-mail a photo/scan of your DCPP License or Foster Parent ID Letter (block out confidential information) to This step is important for verifying your status as a resource parent. I UNDERSTAND THAT I MUST E-MAIL A PHOTO/SCAN. *

If you have registered, access the "Request Supplies + Support" Page here.

*Requests are for new placements only. Copy of Foster Parent ID Letter must be supplied to verify placement.*