Each Child FosterCare Package includes: Toiletries, Hair Care Products/Hairbrush, Cup/Water Bottle, Pajamas, Outfit, Blanket, Book, and Personal/Comfort Items.

Please e-mail roxy@fosterthefamily.org with any other requests.

Foster Parent Name *
Foster Parent Name
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Would you like to be contacted about receiving 7 gently used outfits from one of our local partners, Little Hands Little Feet? *
Our mentors have compiled information sheets that can help you with your questions!
Please share any information that may be helpful to our volunteers. Parking instructions? Apartment complex? Pets? Neighbors? Limited time frame you'll be home?
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Foster Parent ID Letter (block out confidential information) must be e-mailed immediately to roxy@fosterthefamily.org or texted to 856-701-9708. FOSTERCARE PACKAGE CANNOT BE DELIVERED UNTIL FOSTER PARENT ID LETTER IS RECEIVED. (If your child arrived without a Foster Parent ID Letter, please e-mail roxy@fosterthefamily.org to explain).