The most important role of the Foster the Family Community Foster Response is the "Response Supporter." The Response Supporter is an individual who is "on call" one day, each month to respond to the possibility of a new placement for a local foster family. The volunteer will stay connected with the Community Foster Response Coordinator and be prepared to assemble the FosterCare Package at Headquarters (Medford, NJ) and transport to the foster family (within a 30 minute radius of the HQ). This individual's role is vital, making the entire initiative possible, as well as serving as the face of the initiative to the foster family.

The Role of the Response Supporter Requires: 

  • 1-3 hours a month

  • Commitment to be "on call" one day, each month or to find back-up when unavailable

  • Background check (paid for by Foster the Family)

  • Access to vehicle and phone

  • Friendly demeanor


  • Transport - Have a car and willing to serve as a back-up "Response Supporter?" Have a truck and willing to transport furniture or supplies to a foster family's home or HQ?

  • Make meals - Do you like to cook? One of the most practical ways to serve a foster family at the beginning of a new placement--especially the first day of a new placement--is by providing meals! You can double up on a recipe you're already making and freeze one, spend a day in the kitchen making a number of meals, or even get together will friends for a food prep night! Frozen meals will be stored at HQ and transported along with the rest of the FosterCare Package.

  • Donate - Looking to get rid of some of your baby and kid stuff? Check this list to see if you have what we need!

  • Mentor - Veteran foster moms, share your experience and wisdom with another foster mom. You will be connected via e-mail or phone to a foster mom receiving a new placement to answer practical questions and offer support.

  • Give - While the Foster Response Initiative runs almost solely on volunteers and donations, there are overhead expenses and items that need to be purchased.

  • Coordinate - Coordinate a volunteer day or donation drive for your church, workplace, boy/girl scout troop, organization, youth group, neighborhood, or school.

  • Write - Each foster parent that receives a FosterCare Package will receive a hand-written note. You can bring words of encouragement to a family experiencing a challenging transition! Get your kids in on the fun and have them draw a picture, too!

  • Advocate - The Foster Response Initiative is in need of advocates from local churches to recruit volunteers, identify foster families in need, and mobilize their church communities to serve.

  • Organize - If you love to organize, you can be involved in organizing and keeping inventory of supplies at the Foster Response Initiative HQ.

  • Purchase - You can meet a foster child's individual needs by purchasing needed items such as new shoes, a backpack, sports equipment, etc. or re-stock the HQ's supply of formula, diapers, etc.

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