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Support. Encourage. Mobilize. Equip. Advocate.

A mother opens the door. Her eyes fall on a child–a stranger turned son or daughter in a moment. The child shivers without a coat, wearing too small pants and a thin sweater. A trash bag, packed by a stranger–clenched in trembling hands, holds all that will be brought to this new home.

The baby needs formula. The toddler needs a teddy like the one forgotten at home. The little boy needs shoes that fit. The sweet girl needs a brush to start pulling through her matted hair. The teenager needs a backpack for the first day back to school. The mother needs someone to reach out to with her questions. The father needs a word of encouragement.

The entire family needs to be surrounded and supported by a caring community.
Children in Foster Care
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Foster Homes
These are the numbers of a national foster care crisis. Of the families who will say “yes” to opening their homes to vulnerable children, about 50% will end up closing their doors within the first year.

Foster the Family provides immediate, practical support and ongoing, holistic care to families welcoming vulnerable children through foster, adoption, and kinship care.

We imagine a system where the families welcoming children are supported by the church and community surrounding them, and where homes become places of belonging and healing for vulnerable children.

Foster the Family offers local support in six states - from the first vulnerable moments of welcoming a child, throughout the placement, and beyond - through placement packages, support groups, trainings, and special respite and family events.

In over 75 locations, we offer community-based, trauma-informed support groups and resource connections. All foster, adoptive, and kinship mom are then invited to join over 1,000 others for a weekend of Biblical teaching, practical workshops, and curated refreshment and fun.

Foster the Family is a nonprofit organization founded on Christian principles and serves all families regardless of religion or any other factor through faith based and non-faith based programs.
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People everywhere are supporting vulnerable children and families in foster, adoptive, and kinship care.

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