Foster the Family

Support. Encourage. Mobilize. Equip. Advocate.

Our mission is to support and encourage foster and adoptive families,
mobilize and equip the community and church for foster care and adoption, and advocate for vulnerable children.

The Crisis

Children in Foster Care
and only
Foster Homes
These are the numbers of a national foster care crisis. Of the families who will say “yes” to opening their homes to vulnerable children, about 50% will end up closing their doors within the first year.

At Foster the Family, we provide immediate, practical support and ongoing, holistic care to families welcoming vulnerable children through foster, adoption, and kinship care.

How we help

Immediately after welcoming a child into the home, Foster the Family delivers practical necessities to the doorstep of the family.

Our FosterCare Packages include everything a child–from new clothing, pajamas and school supplies to formula, diapers and comfort items–as well as a meal for the entire family.

Foster the Family believes children should be welcomed into homes with dignity and belonging.

Monthly, peer led meetings for foster, adoptive, and kinship moms include a video training and guided, small group discussion.

Our goal is for foster parents to leave feeling equipped, connected, and supported as they care for the children in their homes

Respite Events offer foster parents a block of free child care that includes crafts, games, activities, and dinner in a safe, fun, trauma-informed environment.

All children in the home–ages 0-12–are welcome!

We host small and large events throughout the year to offer connection and fun to foster, adoptive, and kinship families.

Our special events include annual holiday parties, summer gatherings, Mother’s Day dinners, a family-friendly fundraiser, and other special times for families to gather together.

Virtual and in person trainings and workshops provide practical resources  and trauma-informed education.

Vulnerable children and the families welcoming them should be supported from the first moments of welcoming a child, throughout the placement, and beyond.

We imagine a system where the families welcoming children are supported by the church and community surrounding them, and where homes become places of belonging and healing for vulnerable children.

Foster the Family offers local support in six states - from the first vulnerable moments of welcoming a child, throughout the placement, and beyond - through placement packages, support groups, trainings, and special respite and family events.

In over 75 locations, we offer community-based, trauma-informed support groups and resource connections. All foster, adoptive, and kinship mom are then invited to join over 1,000 others for a weekend of Biblical teaching, practical workshops, and curated refreshment and fun.

Foster the Family is a nonprofit organization founded on Christian principles and serves all families regardless of religion or any other factor through faith based and non-faith based programs.
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